Requested by sheriffswan

The reason why I asked Amelia to do this gifgset is to show that it takes a lot of courage to go after someone, fight for someone when all you have is a maybe, when all you have is a “Good”.

In order to go after Emma, to fight, Neal needed to have reassurance about Emma’s feelings for him, he needed to hear her say I love you to fight for her.

It’s not an act of courage. It’s actually cowardice.

It’s a lot harder to fight all the battles, to fight even possible rejection. The thing is, Killian does bare himself with Emma and shows her he does love her in his actions, he does fight for her, he does put a fight and he does go after her.

Not once, even unsure of her love for him, Killian not once gives up of her.

Killian’s love is made and shaped with courage, with love, with force and strength, with faith. 

Neal’s love is shaped with regrets and cowardice, he doesn’t go for Emma until he has the certitude she does love him.

It’s fighting for a won fight, there’s no danger, it’s a safe zone, and there’s no courage in that, only cowardice.

N eal couldn’t cross a state to go after Emma, he couldn’t do it because he was afraid of her reaction and her rejection.

Killian followed Emma to the end of the world, to the end of the time, without knowing once if he would ever be loved back.

One love is courageous, the other is not. 

One love has faith, the other doesn’t.

Killian is twice the man Neal is when it comes to love.


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